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Education Partners

PASCO scientific

For over 40 years, PASCO scientific has remained true to its goals: to design, manufacture, and service the highest quality products for science educators worldwide. PASCO offers the newest and most innovative products that cut across science curriculum for K-12 and college / university with genuine concern for teaching excellence and standards.

Satellite image of Hurricane Humberto impacting the Gulf Coast States

Satellite image of Hurricane Humberto impacting the Gulf Coast States.

WeatherBug Schools partnered with PASCO to integrate live weather information from the weather network with My World GIS — a powerful mapping tool that enables students to visualize scientific data in spatial context.

With the integrated version of My World GIS and WeatherBug Schools data, students can conduct weather investigations using either built-in datasets or their own local data collected with PASCO's range of PASPORT® digital weather sensors. They can then compare their investigations to real-time national weather observations from any of the 8,000+ weather stations and 1,500+ cameras in the WeatherBug Schools Network.

Specifically, the integration enables students to download real-time weather information from the WeatherBug Network, organize it spatially by placing it on a map and relate it to regional and local data in My World GIS. As a result, students and teachers can develop an understanding of the very dynamic nature of weather systems and the many variables that influence weather—such as latitude, longitude, altitude, time of year, pressure, ocean currents, geologic features, and more.

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