Seattle, WA 98101

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For Seattle, WA 98101

Seattle, WA 98101

Pollen Forecast for Seattle-Tacoma, WA

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Pollen Key
Low 0-2.4
Low-Medium 2.5-4.8
Medium 4.9-7.2
Medium-High 7.3-9.6
High 9.7-12.0

Predominant Pollen: Grass, Plantain and Sorrel/Dock.


Based on past pollen counts and expected weather conditions, pollen levels for Thursday will remain stable in the extremely low range. With Pollen concentrations now at extremely low levels, The next plants to pollinate in the area will be the trees which produce large amounts of often highly allergenic pollen.


Concentration of pollen grains in the air for Wednesday will be falling into the extremely low range. This lowering of pollen concentrations is a result of falling temperatures, rising humidity, and heavy rains in the evening which tend to wash pollen out of the air.

Allergy Fact

English plantain is a member of the Plantago family. Other members include fleawort, a weed that is used as a laxative in cases of minor constipation.


Chance of Storms

Hi: 68 °F

Showers and a chance of thunderstorms. Locally heavy rain possible. Highs in the upper 60s. Light wind becoming south 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon.… more


Chance of Storms

Lo: 56 °F

Showers. A chance of thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the 50s. Southwest wind 10 to 20 mph becoming south after midnight.… more

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