Baltimore, MD 21201

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For Baltimore, MD 21201

Baltimore, MD 21201

Pollen Forecast for BALTIMORE, MD

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Pollen Key
Low 0-2.4
Low-Medium 2.5-4.8
Medium 4.9-7.2
Medium-High 7.3-9.6
High 9.7-12.0

Predominant Pollen: Mixed Trace


The amount of pollen in the air for Friday will not change appreciably and will remain in the extremely low range. Only trace amounts of pollen are in the air at this time. The next higher pollen levels in the area will from the early tree pollen types.


Pollen concentrations for Thursday will be at about the same level in the extremely low range. Since Pollen concentrations are now at such low levels, this is the time for which pollen allergy sufferers have waited.

Allergy Fact

The outer layer of pollen grains is extremely resistant to destruction. The biological material on the interior of the pollen may be destroyed, however, a pollen's skeleton can endure for thousands -- some think perhaps millions -- of years.


Freezing Rain

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Mostly Cloudy

Lo: 33 °F

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